Video poker strategy that will make you rich

video poker

We will get to video poker strategy part in just a second. But before we begin, it is worth to note that there are many video poker variations, some even offer the edge to the player. The important part is to try out different games but stick to a game until you learn in.

We will start with the basic texas holdem strategy on video poker, not because it is the best variant but because most of you will already know this game.

Why Video Poker?
video poker

The appeal for video poker comes from the fact is it’s a game you already know and love. You already know the texas holdem strategy, know the combinations and the basic rules of the game by heart. So, the only thing to do is to adapt to the rules of the type of video poker.

Here are best ways to play video poker:

  • Look for games that offer cash returns. For instance, if a pair of Jacks gives you your money back, you are already much better off.
  • Learn different games. They look similar but pay differently. Learn to recognize when a payout for a straight or a flush is low, average or high.
  • Play for free. Your cash is limited, free play is not. Practice until you learn and you can reach even a 100% payout rate if you play a perfect strategy.
  • Go against your instinct. That does not apply to everyone, but in our experience, most new players even with texas holdem background, do badly because their instincts are different from the right strategy.

Learn to appreciate the Wilds

What you haven’t experienced in your live games are the wilds. They are good and bad at the same time, but naturally, they will help you out most of the time. Don’t waste them.

If you play with wilds, let’s say Deuces Wild, learn how the game changes. Often in these cases it is worth going for bigger combinations (straight flush) than be content with the average.

Use Charts

If you are playing at home, you don’t even need to learn video poker strategy. These are math-based games that have been studied and solved already. All you need to do is find a chart and keep it by your side. Although, it might be worthwhile learning just for a better playing experience.