No deposit slots: keep what you win


Why wouldn’t you take the money casinos are throwing at you for free? You are not forced to commit to anything – play and if you win, you win. Why would a casino be giving out money for free?

It’s like the casinos are fishing for players and the bonuses are the bait. But unlike a fish, you can use your head to pick out good opportunities and leave all the rest. That’s why we have found a way for you to not get hooked on a bad offer, claim the bonus and keep what you win.

Let’s take it step by step.

No deposit bonuses

free spins

A no deposit bonus is a type of a welcome offer casinos give out to players. A new player will often receive a bonus in free spins or playable cash to their account for registering an account. In a form of cash, the bonus can be used on most video slots however every casino has their own terms and conditions determining how the bonus can be used.

Why it can be hard to keep your winnings

At this point, you are a new casino player which the casino knows nothing about. They don’t even know that you used your real name when you registered. Remember, the casino is looking for potential players and doesn’t like to be fooled. It’s understandable they may be reluctant to give out money to just anyone.

That’s why there are some restrictions that prevent fake players claiming winnings from the casino.

How to Keep what You Win

You may have already noticed what we were hinting at in the beginning. Whether you keep your winnings or not depends on deciding which bonuses to get.

This is because, especially with no deposit bonuses, you will have to deposit eventually. Even if you run it up to $10,000 without making a deposit, the casino would not allow you to take it home. They still don’t know who you are.

So, with that in mind, you should mostly choose the casinos you know and trust. Or that are highly trusted by others. Then, pick bonuses that offer low restrictions for wagering. This way, if you win from your free cash, you can use a part of that cash to reach the wagering requirement and still have a left over for you.

And lastly, don’t bother with every little offer. Bonuses, even free, require time. So, while you will be busy dealing with pennies, you may lose much better offers.