How to count cards and why you should do so

Casino card counting

If we asked you to remember at least one scene from a gambling movie that you were in shock off, chances are high that you would remember a poor guy in the backroom getting his arm broken for cheating. Most likely, card counting. You know movies love to add a bit of drama to their stories, right?

Nowadays card counting is not illegal nor that hard. And you don’t even need a bunch of companions to run a card counting ring. In fact, you can even card count online.

The Principles of Card Counting

card counting

The principle of card counting is based on trying to notice the cards that have one out of the shoe in order to determine what’s coming. You simply assign a value to each card (the basic strategy suggests adding -1 for face cards and +1 for low cards.

What you do is follow the runout and wait until the value gets into the positives, meaning more high cards are still in the shoe that help you get the blackjack. So, the bigger the positive, he more you should increase your bet.

How to Count Cards

how to card count

It is not easy, but you also don’t have to have a computer memory.

Simply assign -1 to 2s through 6s, 7s through 9s require no addition while all high cards is +1. This is the most basic of the systems, so most of the results will come down to you practicing. You must know the rules by heart, as well as all 250+ possible outcomes.

Why You Should Count Cards

First of all, blackjack is a complex game as is. Understanding card counting will allow you to understand the game much better. It won’t solve all blackjack

Besides, you have nothing to lose. Really. No one will break your bones and there is a high possibility of no one even caring if you are not planning on running a ring of card counters to ‘cheat’ the casino out of millions.

 And you know what, in addition to slightly improving your odds in the game, card counting also makes the game a bit more exciting. We have played hours of various casino games and found that learning to card count brought back the excitement of playing Blackjack, even if you are not doing it the ‘professional way’.