Best gambling movies to watch this winter

gambling movies

Who doesn’t love to spend long winter nights with a good movie? The only problem is, which ones to watch? After all, you have probably seen the Casino a few times by now. There is nothing wrong with this particular movie but it doesn’t really help keep your holiday spirits high.

So, if you are looking for tremendous gambling movies, we have a list of the best ones to watch this winter.

The Sting

the sting

There is no shortage of these movies today (think, Ocean’s trilogy) but back in the day, in 1973 this was a game-changer. Simply for that this is our best gambling movie ever made.

The Cincinnati Kid

the cincinnati

Most kids these days don’t even know who Steve McQueen was. Watching him on film is as good of a reason as any to watch the Cincinnati Kid. And if you like poker, this goes double. As far as we are concerned, this is among top 3 poker movies of all time.



Speaking of poker movies and young hunks on camera, Rounders from 1998 starring Matt Damon is as good as it gets. Drama is great, poker scenes – realistic (considering the alternatives). Overall, it’s a worth watch for all poker fans, but not only.



No matter what you think of Mel Gibson as a person or as an actor now, in 1994 he did make one of his best movies. Maverick is a perfect movie for a fun evening with your spouse or friends

Mississippi Grind

missisipi grind

Contrary from Mel Gibson, Ryan Reynolds story only got better with time. You know him as Deadpool, but we know him as Curtis. The key with this movie is not get too serious. It’s not the best as a poker movie, but we can promise you an entertaining evening with the Mississippi Grind.

Casino Royale

casino royale

Come on, how can you say no to a James Bond? Truth be told, we were reluctant to add this movie because everyone has probably seen it already. But if you haven’t, add it to your list.

The Hustler

the hustler

Most of the movies on this list are fun. So, to end it we thought we need something different. Different kind of gambling, different type of atmosphere. Whatever we brainstormed, we always came back to the Hustler from the 1961. So, if you are looking for a movie with substance and meaning, this one is a no-brainer.