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Garden  Lighting
Perfect Garden Lighting

high-lights.co.uk provide premium lighting solutions for your garden and outdoor space without the premium cost, we buy from tried and trusted suppliers ensuring the finest lighting products supplied at trade costs, contact us today to see how we can brighten up your outdoor space

Security  Lighting
Secure Home Lighting

We supply and fit the latest in home security lighting ensuring full coverage of your property. Security lighting is vital to not only protect your property but when used in combination with cctv fully covers your garden, garage and outdoor spaces in the event of a claim

Man Caves  Garden Rooms
Man Caves / Garden Rooms

Our specialist outdoor and garden team can transform, create and realise the potential of your garden space. We can light and secure your ideal man cave and garden room space providing a full compliment of lighting options

Soffit  Lighting
Soffit & Recessed Lighting

Soffit and recessed lighting is the ultimate solution to provide discreet underside lighting to showcase your property, add subtle background glow as well as providing a secure based lighting system in conjunction with our other services

Solar  Battery Storage
Solar Battery & Storage Specialist

Let us talk you through your options - with the addition of battery storage this can help you achieve a carbon neutral rating resulting in extremely low energy bills. This scheme is backed by The Energy Savings Trust with interest free loans costing as little as £50 per month over ten years

Solar panels generate energy to power your home during the day, but if you don't use that energy as it's generated then that clean solar energy is sent back to the grid. Often, solar panel owners export large amounts of their solar energy and then need to purchase energy back from the grid to power their home once the sun goes down.

Unfortunately, energy imported from the grid tends to be a higher price than a solar panel owner is paid for their exported energy. However, by adding a smart battery to a solar panel system, far more of that clean, self-generated solar energy can be used to power your home both day and night.

Michelle & David G | Hawkhead Estate, Paisley

"We are totally blown away with how good our lights are. Graham is so friendly, professional and a great price always helps. Thank you so much, couldn't recommend enough"